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Alumni - Where are they now?

There is a reason so many of our previous students have returned with their children to attend MLPK, have returned as teachers, and that the majority of our families are referrals.... It's the dedicated director and staff, the exceptional play-based curriculum and the love and personalized attention given to each and every family!  We are all a family here at MLPK!

Mrs. DeWyze and
Mrs. Vegas - 2009

7th grade MMS Wauconda - 2018 

I loved attending MLPK! My love of science, reading, music, the arts and math can all be attributed to my early learning experiences at Messiah.
Mrs. DeWyze was my favorite teacher. She would say, "kiss your brain Ethan!" and that always stayed with me!
I am currently a 7th grader at Matthews Middle School in Wauconda. I am in all high honors classes, was just inducted into the National Junior Honor Society, am involved with the NUMATS program (Pre-SAT testing), which is gifted testing through Northwestern University Center for Talent Development.
My extracurricular's include, playing the tenor saxophone in the band, running cross country in the fall, theater productions in the spring, and I have played travel hockey for the Crystal Lake YellowJackets for the past 6 years. - Ethan C.

I’m six and in first-grade now. I love first grade but I miss Messiah! I was at Messiah four years, starting with twos and going all the way through kindergarten. My favorite things about school at Messiah were my friends and my teachers. My favorite teacher was Mrs. Janezic. I still give her a big hug when I see her!


I learned a lot at Messiah, and it was fun too! We got to play a lot and do things that were fun like go outside and use the STEAM lab. My favorite things were reading, music, and science. I like reading, music, math, and science in first grade too because they’re fun and I get good grades on my homework.


Messiah introduced me to lots of interesting new things. I do a lot of activities after school like swimming lessons, dance class, cooking class, engineering class, and chess class - Christian

1st grade Frassati-2018

 MWF 3's
Mrs. Janezic/
Mrs. Lindquist 

MLPK was a great place to begin a life-long pursuit of learning. The foundation I gained from a class that provided a place to learn and grow socially, spiritually and educationally has been invaluable over the past 25+ years.  I attended preschool at MLPK during the 1990-91 school year in Mrs. Merkner and Mrs. Kidder’s 4 year old’s class. I grew up in Lake Zurich and graduated in 2008 from Trinity International University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. I am working as a Product Sourcing Team Manager at American Hotel Register Company and have been with the company for over 7 years. I am married to my beautiful wife Amber (we just celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary!) and we have two wonderful kids, Noah(5) and Esther(2). Noah is continuing on the family tradition and is a student at MLPK this year! - Andrew Nelson

4's Mrs. Merkner and Mrs. Kidder's class - 1990

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